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  am a self-taught, self-proclaimed New Classicist, and I live a solitary life because I like doing so.  Today I outsource everything and anything that I believe others can do better, more efficiently, and more economically than myself than when I owned and managed a firm of architects. I have an excellent working relationship with several notable architectural firms that now fill that void.

I designed every home on this website and many others, which I felt would only become redundant for you to look at because, in some ways, they are just more of the same. Here you will find a diverse sampling of my work and the architectural styles that best reflect my interests. Should you desire an industrial modern steel and glass home, there are others better suited for that than me, and I am happy to make a referral or two if you need.  

I drafted every document that you will find here. I have created hundreds of homes and institutional projects throughout the world. I am a humble servant who enjoys working and has developed a natural gift, over a lifetime, for designing

exceptional homes, and I have done so without the benefit of formal training. It has, at times, been a long and arduous journey. Still, it has led me to this point in time, where happiness blended with invaluable experiences, passion, resources, and, yes, a touch of God-given skill qualifies me for outstanding and sought-after design commissions, which I feel uniquely qualified for and most creative to create.

On a personal note, I am a faithful and loving husband, a master and best friend to a beautiful dog, a friend to my neighbors and colleagues, a target of criticism by [the same old] specific competitors, and a welcomer of praise. So, there you have it. Now that you have read a bit ABOUT me and perhaps taken the time to review this website, shall we talk? It all begins with an initial conversation, maybe get a feel for one another, talk about what you hope to achieve even if only to decide that we should meet and talk further.  Who knows, maybe it will lead to us building you a magnificent home for you and your family to live and happily grow old in and be proud and happy for doing so? We only live once; why not do so beautifully? The responsibility is on you to reach out first. As the people at Nike say, Just Do It.

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Donald Whittaker





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