I love to


Ever since I was a  young boy, I was designing all sorts of things. I had become a committed Lego, and Lincoln Log fiend. In time, I had accumulated more sets of each like a pack rate on a mission. For birthdays and Christmases when I was asked, "Dearest son, what would you like for Christmas this year?" I would respond by saying, with a grin, "How about another set of Lego's and Logs." And sure enough, Lego's and Log's it would be, and I was thrilled. 


In time I became unable to close the lid on my fathers military locker, which I had requisitioned for my block sets, it became too full. I spent hours alone, quietly in my bedroom, assembling the most remarkable structures. Well, I was only 8, and they were pretty remarkable to me. In time, they got better, much better. Once, using photographs of Versailles, in France, I eyeballed the scale, and built a replica of the original structure - I spent weeks, perhaps months on it, When I wasn't building buildings, I mas making WWII model airplanes, tanks, and ships of all kinds, mostly battle ships. I remember doing these things as if it were yesterday. I had a good life as a young boy, no trauma, two sisters, and loving parents. My mother always encouraged my interests in anything I did when it came to creative things. 


Today, my goal, as a designer, has always been to make my design contributions so they will, in some way, enable my clients to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement through the finished product. Each project, regardless of scale, is engaged with a fresh new and vibrant attitude because that is exactly what every new project deserves. 


Donald Whittaker

Architectural design is a response to fundamental human needs. It is a way of organizing space while meeting practical demands. It can and should introduce new dynamic perspectives blended with fundamental ideals. Architects strive to synthesize these two goals, to create buildings that perform as well as they may visually delight. Buildings that uplift the spirit are memorable - and traditional and classical architecture should always be memorable.