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Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, a Country Home from Work we Go

The Manor at Grand Ridge, Issaquah Highlands, is an example of progressive charm, and of the unconscious beauty of the minor domestic architecture of Europe; here, it was accomplished on a very tight budget, proving that even cost-conscious projects can obtain old-world charm.

In each successive work, there is a progress in the elimination of the “picturesque draftsmanship ” and a step toward that simplicity that is achieved only by a very few. There is less and less of what could be called the bric-a-brac of architectural repertory and, in each case, a more robust affirmation of individuality.

The property, for this compound, is a mere 4 acres and the boundaries are well buffered by the flanking neighbors and have been used to that advantage as a greenbelt. In going over the grounds, one does not realize the limited extent of the estate; neither does one wish for other conditions. There is no need for an apology.


A Classic Country Estate


Issaquah, WA


Greg and Millissa Watts



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