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This Country Manor on Hunts Point required an exceptional team of professionals to execute, and none more important than its general contractor Claremont Construction led by the project manager and general partner, Adam Greisz. The grounds of this Country Manor, created by landscape architect Richard Hartlage, recall the green serenity of an English country estate where a winding drive and footpaths wind under magnificent specimen trees and end at casual gardens. Massive trunks, three-lobed pointed leaves, and cherry-sized seed clusters distinguish trees that frame the west lawns. A beautiful stone wall surrounds the separate owners and guest's motor courts and unites the manor house with detached guest quarters above additional garages.


The front door frames the view of the two-story entry hall. The library is on the left axis, flanked by the staircase. The Grand Parlor juxtaposes the axes, and the dark blue waters of Lake Washington lay dead ahead and beyond. This unique home will undoubtedly stand the test of time because of the quality of materials employed, the mastery of its construction, and the neoclassical design will be proof enough for that.

The term stately home is subject to debate and avoided by historians and other academics. As a description of a country house, the term was first used in a poem by Felicia Hemans, The Homes of England, originally published in Blackwood's Magazine in 1827. In the 20th century, the term was later popularized in a song by Noël Coward, and in modern usage, it often implies a country house that is open to visitors at least some of the time.




Enatai, WA


Kirby and Diane McDonald


March 2017

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