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Architecture is a response to fundamental human needs. It’s a way of organizing space while meeting practical demands. Architectural design can and should introduce new dynamic perspectives blended with fundamental ideals. Architects strive to synthesize these two goals, to create buildings that perform as well as they may visually delight. Buildings that uplift the spirit are memorable - and classical architecture should always be memorable.

Architecture is 10 percent what codes and budgets dictate and 90 percent how an architect reacts to it. And so, it is with you... we oversee our attitudes. So, if renovating your home is what you have concluded to do than enter that process with a good attitude and an excellent design team and wonders will be achieved that exceed your imagination.


And so, we begin...

The Windward Cottage


Dutch Colonial - Shingle Style

Clyde Hill, Washington 

Desert Palms


Neoclassical Villa

Palm Desert, California

Le Hameau de la Medina


Neoclassical Norman Village Style

Medina, Washington