Villa Diana

The architecture of this neo-Palladian residence in Enatai, Bellevue, is a direct reflection of the combined talent of diverse professionals who worked to create it. Its architectural style evolved through the enlightenment of the Renaissance but not the opulent Baroque period - rather the simplicity of contemporary interpretations of its classical origins. Neoclassic architecture continues its evolutionary metamorphosis as it adapts its classical forms and shapes for modern purposes. Still, it retains a distinct appearance that is easily identified when compared to any other traditional styles.

Design elements of this home could be characterized as Mediterranean by its many features such as its covered porte-cochere that overlooks the south gardens, its heavily bracketed cornices, its rich patterns and architectural details integrated into this somewhat monolithic and understated structure. Attention was paid to the design of its low pitched roof-lines with restrained yet dignified ornamentation using necessary building materials.

The one true gift that an architect has is his imagination. He takes something from mere thinking and dreaming and amalgamates the two with experience and education and bingo - a building is born. It’s truly an extraordinary process when you think about it.


Planning, and architectural design


Richard and Diane Foreman


Enatai, WA

Designing is easy, designing well is an art