Design Guy

Don co-founded Medical Environments Incorporated [MEI] in 1980 with Jim Cox, AIA. In a time when other healthcare architects focused their resources and expertise on replacement hospitals, MEI saw the emerging market as outpatient facilities. A revolution in the healthcare sector had begun, and MEI was strategically positioned to enjoy its market share with projects as far north and south as Houston to Seattle, and as far east to west as New York to Los Angeles.

Don quickly, and often reluctantly, found himself with responsibilities for payroll, quarterly taxes, equipment leases, and much more.

In 1993 MEI strategically shifted its marketing to Southeast Asia. Hillary Clinton's disastrous healthcare reform had begun to do its damage domestically, and the day and age of physician-owned and operated outpatient centers were over for a period. The newly emerging market for our architectural specialty was now in Asia. After five years of mind-numbing travel, MEI completed projects in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia (including Borneo), and Vietnam.

The following photographs and thumbnails represent a sampling of MEI's projects:

Kate Webster Medical Pavilion  |  Children's Hospital and Medical Center  |  Seattle 

The Children's Medical Pavilion is a 90,000/SF institutional project located on the Seattle campus of Children's Hospital in Laurelhurst, Seattle. The Building contains joint venture research laboratories shared between the University of Washington and Children's Hospital. 

This project was designed by my firm, Medical Environments Incorporated (MEI), a 15-man architectural firm where I was the managing partner. 

As specialists in healthcare projects, we marketed our services throughout the United States. Ultimately, MEI completed projects in over 27 US cities spanning from Los Angeles to Miami, and as far north to south as Houston to Seattle.

Eventually, we turned our sights on Europe and Southeast Asia. Eventually, completing projects in 12 foreign countries including locations within Europe, Southeast Asia, as well as North and South America and Lagos Nigeria. 

Various Healthcare Projects  |  Various Locations

Don's company, Medical Environments Incorporated (MEI), was a specialized architectural firm, and experts in designing Medicare approved outpatient surgical centers, diagnostic and imaging facilities, and medical office buildings ranging in size from 10,000/SF to 200,000/SF.  

MEI completed projects throughout the United States, South America, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Prior to closing its doors forever, MEI set new standards in both planning and design of healthcare projects of all types and was respected throughout the healthcare industry. 

Shall we get to Work?

Don is a self-taught, ‘self-proclaimed,’ new Classicist. He no longer carries a staff of architects, and no longer designs institutional or commercial buildings. He interviews for everything he goes after, writes the contracts, programs the projects, plans and designs them, and passionately services the few annual projects that he’s commissioned to do. Today, instead of providing production services, he works with a small platoon of qualified architects who he outsources that work to.

Don is a humble servant who, for whatever reason, has developed, without the benefit of formal training, a natural gift for design and planning of exceptional and Traditional homes. He is a faithful and loving husband, a master and good friend to two Great Danes, shoulder for my friends, target for criticism, and welcomer of praise.