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Sitting on 17 acres with 4 of them perfectly cultivated and landscaped, the estate has many wonders in store, setting a new standard for elegant living. The main lawns are beautiful and covered with patios, lush green grass, fountains, and an indescribable private lake wrapped in a circular bulkhead with a Folly consisting of broken columns mimicking an ancient ruin. Welcome, to Laurel Manor.

Laurel Manor


Architectural design 


Allan and Laurel Back


Redmond, WA



Living in the glamour and sophistication of a large gated compound near the metropolis of Bellevue and Seattle can be a tough find, but find it, and you are living in a slice of paradise.

Without a view of anything other than the forest line we created one of our own; achieving it to its fullest will involve the implementation of a staged development vis-à-vis a preordained master plan that will span decades worth of TLC.

A natural flow of water bisects the property to the northeast so as part of Phase One we created a lined and shallow lake. 'Pond' is probably more accurate of a descriptive word but the way the body of water rests and carefully manipulated behind an elongated island, accessible by bridge and row boat, its physical boundaries are deceptive.

For those in the luxury home market, finding the perfect estate, in Washington State, is anything but simple due to the limited majestic properties that one has to choose from. King County has proven not to be LA County where some of the finest homes in the nation change hands as frequently as feature films flop and others are blockbusters.