Le Hameau de la Medina

The Hameau de la Reine is a rustic retreat on the grounds of the Château de Versailles. In many ways, it served as design inspiration for this new home, made to look rustic, located in Medina. We gave it the name "La Hameau" or just "Little Hamlet" - I use the latter. This rustic or vernacular style building, inspired by Norman or Flemish design, is in the form of a “U” situated around an irregular pool fed by a stream that turns a faux mill wheel.


Planning, architectural design, and interior design


Sam and Katrina Druker


Medina, WA

To find so perfect an example where the gardening, the architecture, the smallest details have been precisely fitted to the importance and the character of the whole, is nowadays far too uncommon. Look at the plan. Nothing seems to force itself on the natural conditions, and nevertheless, there is everywhere that “mixture of pure art” of Poe. It has that beauty of the village street that follows the careless lines of a path of old, so superior to the relentless gridiron of our surveyors. It is picturesque without affectation.

A careful selection of building material and still more exciting quality have contributed to the home having a patina of age and weather. The gardens and paths seem to have always been there and not created anew.

I have no doubt that the owners had from the very first month of occupancy this same feeling. And yet a remarkable fact is that the house is quite free from imitation of historical precedents in its details. Were not the phrase “modern art” somewhat discredited for having been a cloak to a multitude of sins, and I would see here a very typical example of what modern art ought to be: a logical continuation of the best traditions. It is as free from archaeological imitation as it is devoid of a pretentious striving for originality. There again, the good-breeding asserts itself. Welcome, to Le Hameau de la Medina.

Architecture is the noblest of all the arts.