Grand Ridge Manor

The Manor at Grand Ridge, Issaquah Highlands, is an example of progressive charm, and of the unconscious beauty of the minor domestic architecture of Europe; here, it was accomplished on a very tight budget, proving that even cost-conscious projects can obtain old-world charm.



Planning and architectural design 

Greg and Melissa Watts


Issaquah, WA

In each successive work, there is a progress in the elimination of the “picturesque draftsmanship ” and a step toward that simplicity that is achieved only by a very few. There is less and less of what could be called the bric-a-brac of architectural repertory and, in each case, a more robust affirmation of individuality.

The property, for this compound, is a mere 4 acres and the boundaries are well buffered by the flanking neighbors and have been used to that advantage as a greenbelt. In going over the grounds, one does not realize the limited extent of the estate; neither does one wish for other conditions. There is no need for an apology.

West elevation

Any idiot can draw a floor plan, but only a fool would build it.



The Design Guy

My goal, as a designer, has always been to make my creative contributions so they will, in some way, enable my clients to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement through the finished product they live within.

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